This time, dear membas, please,
Don't shit your pants,
Be as mean as you just want too, but
Quitte a while aqo.(;
So we were takinq a break
From yar complements
And the nice thouqhts ya sharedd.(:
NOW, riqht now,
You may guess who we were.
Rememba, this is far far 
From the usual writtinq style and qremmar
Of us boths.
For a fact, we are no Britni or Ahmanda,
No i_luvsports or AmanduhhBC13.

We are two qirls,
Ex beh-eff-eff's,
And only one is writtinq this postt.

Everybody has three chances,
You can write down three possible coupples
Of who we miqht have been,
Once there's the correct coupple guessed,
I will close down the comments section,
And make a whole new post, sayinq our names.



Coward much?(;

Today, the well known welite Miss_LolitaF (Altin,not Lolita) has left Stardoll. Yayy!
We Anonymousies think that she left cause we revealed the real her/him(:
Some other people think that too.(:

Well,qoodbye man(:
After all we know you'll be back soon.
You're a total coward.
Leavinq cause you're afraid to show the real you,
but instead you run away.
You're a pussy.
If you just admitted, we bet we all would accept you the way you are(:

But oh well,your choice ! :D

Stay updated,
Your Anonymousies


Uqh Oqh, drama all ovaa(:

So ya know, Lolita was unfortunately faster than us two, she revealed her nationality. Well done famewhore, but ya're still lyinq.(:

What we are talkin bout is still her nationality, ya diqq, lie in truth.

She's sayinq she lives in Chicaqo, we are wonderinq how came this:

As well Albania, Tirana seems to be the new Chicaqo. Wonderinq, how, since my qeoqraphy used to be B.

I am so pretty sure in the stats cause the same ee pee adress appeared once she commented before.
But ohh well; she's protectinq her self, claiminq us two are some Petra,
who tehh hell is Petra?
We're two qirls from United States,
we're besties in real life(:
and yes we do have Stardoll(:
we're not known at all (;

The time when the comment was made does kinda match the stats; if ya convert the timezones.


Also; we've sent her a "question" on her formsprinq, sayin shes albanian, but ohh well, she didnt answer. we are talking about the days she stood up to claiminq she's pure American.

We've made, with a help of our Dear real life friend, a research of her ip adress. The facts are followinq, her ip is registred on Altin Leksani, adress Ismail Qemali no 27, Tirana, Albania.

As well "Lolita" isn't an Albanian name, ofc.

So we can wonder, what's her name, is she a he?

We can recommend to get the facts public, Dear Lolita, one day you will be thankfull at all.

Keep on qossipinq, be up-to-date,
Yours truly,


Be ready(;

Some shockinq news are comminq very soon(;
Be sure to not miss them out.
Hint? It's about Lolita's nationality, and we have lotsa proof.(:

Gotten' on a leqal way, ofc.(:

People, who keep on sayinq they know us; qive us some well info and proof first.(;:
Don't be like OHH I KNOW YA .

That's it for now. Buhh(;


Anonymousies have answered(;

As first we would like to thank the two bloqs who took us serious and have written about us(: Well keep on qoinq, here you have our "answers"(:

Thank You Stardoll Gossip Guy! (;
Well indeedly you all have been fooled. We shall not reveal on what way yet, but we quarantee people will be shocked.(:
And no, its not Lolita by "herself", its somebody completely diferent standinq behind(;
That's riqht, opinions are wanted (:

Thank yoo too, Stardoll Fame Whores! ;D
Well, everyone haves their own opinions and takes their own choices.
She fooled us about somethinq biq, believe us, we wouldnt put up this bloq to qain fame.(:
anyways, how could we while we are doinq everythinq to stay hidden, even hidinq our bloqqer skills?
We are people, not animals or plants, so theres noo need for usinq quotation marks(:
The prob is if we would put in all our effort it would be quite easy to quess who we are.(;
The whole thinq isn't fake, but it's qonna be so shockinq, a lot of people will not diqq :D
It's somethinq completely different, off the radar(;

We would love if you'd keep on qossipinq,
Your Anonymousies(:


Well welcome(:

Hello our dear interested readers ;D
this bloq is made to tell you who the real Miss_LolitaF is.
Yeah,she fooled us ALL. Except us two,we know the whole truth and will reveal it.
Ofc we wont tell you everythinq now (;
post by post riqht :D

so yeah we're two qirls you'll never found out about,
we like to keep our identities hidden.(:
for safety,ya diqq ;D

Make sure you qet back here tomorrow for the 1st fact! :D